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Public Sector Lighting Case Study

Public Sector Lighting Case Study

About this project

3E (UK) Ltd was asked to reduce the cost of lighting while improving the quality of the lighting in a Multi function Sports Hall. The existing 400 Watt Sodium luminaires were replaced with a 4 x 54 IP54 Sealed impact resistant High Bay T5 luminaire.


Data Before After Saving
No. of Fittings 32 32 One-For-One
Installed Load 13.9kW 7.68kW -6.24kW p.a.
Light Level >230 lux 340 lux +46%
Cost £4,000 p.a. £2,200 p.a. £1,800 p.a.
Annual CO2     13.04 tonnes
PAYBACK Installed     4.06 years

Energy Saving = 45%

Public Sector Case Study

HNBP 454 Sealed

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